In Pursuit of Color

About Davidschwartz

I really enjoy exploring the exploitation of color, especially in my ongoing "The Color Project". I equally love the pure beauty of nature.

I have been an artist for my whole life and started painting when I was 2. I connected with color as the years went by, having more focus on the more advanced crayon kits as a child. I painted my first mural when I was in the 4th grade at grammar school. With my father, mother, and grandmother all being artists, then it comes naturally to me. Color has always been my constant source of energy. I eventually painted outdoor advertising for over 25 years until the industry was modernized by vinyl lettering and machine-painted billboards.

My photography fit right in, starting in my teens and growing my personal vision through it over the years. Art and photography go hand in hand as well as my love for both! I feel like I can express myself through photography because it's like going to a special place and gives me so much freedom!

DavidSchwartz photo